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Since yurts are offered as either vacation or camping accommodations, you’ll see these tents available for rent on both provincial parks websites and on private lodging websites like Glamping Hub, and Airbnb. Romantic Waterfront Yurt Getaway c/w free Algonquin Pass on 11+Acres Just 450+HST/Weekend. Do you already have a Yurta? The yurt is stylishly furnished and fully equipped so you can just show up and unpack without worrying about anything else. Most of these external comfort stations will also provide hand sanitizer and toilet paper for your needs, but just in case, its also probably good to bring some in as well if needed. Sleeps … Presenting the table of yurts! Stay in a hand crafted rustic yurt, sleep on a deep bed of fragrant evergreen boughs, reminiscent of a vacation of yesteryear, fall as sleep to the forest sounds - coyote & owl. Alas I created this after the fact. Standard amenities. For those looking to stay connected but still living the glamping lifestyle, there are a select few yurts that have WiFi. If you don't want to drive anywhere just a 2 min walk down the hill and you will be at The famous June Motel which offers weekly yoga classes, bar, patio, outdoor movies (mondays) -walk ins welcome. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway with your significant other, or a weekend with friends, these places offer spectacular views and starry night skies. Here are 10 yurts to rent for around $100 or less per night in Ontario: 1. Salmon River, where visitors can enjoy swimming or canoeing, is just a few steps away from the yurt (the canoe, paddles, and lifejackets are provided by the host). The maximum number of occupants that can sleep inside the tent. Did you know that there are over 30 unique yurt locations that you can rent within Ontario? These two fields (Yurt Name and Alternate) are the main titles used to list the yurt on its respective site. Book a stay in this stylish yurt rental, Ontario | Parks, camping and woodland trails are ready to be discovered with this luxury yurt camping, Ontario This impressive yurt can accommodate up to four guests in Rossport, Ontario. The yurt comes with a … FIND OUT MORE. Dec 24, 2018 - Discover the best things to do in Niagara Falls and more when you go glamping in Ontario! There are stories everywhere. They are located in the Birch Boulevard section of the campground. BUT – when we decide to rent another yurt again, I’m definitely going to use this table! Each yurt has electric heating inside, and flush toilets, showers and laundry are nearby. A yurt is a portable, large and circular tent traditionally used by nomadic groups as their primary form of shelter. And now we have made it even easier to design and price your yurt with our ALL NEW Yurt Builder 3D™. This traditional dwelling of Central Asian nomads is just right for a night of camping with a dash of homelike comfort. Thanks for going through and exploring the 30+ yurts available to rent in Ontario! Others, may offer an outdoor shower station (most likely using collected rain water), and there are still others that will offer a running hot shower (provided you meet a minimum required number of nights) via their own homes. Kick back and feel the lake breeze from your deck. These driving times were all taken during non-peak driving hours (e.g. Some yurts have weekend policies or additional holiday policies as well that may change their minimum number of nights. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is minutes from the World Famous Pacific Rim National Park. However, I wanted to point out these differences in case there are allergies as the hand-made Mongolian yurts are built from natural materials including animal furs (allergy alert). Most comfort stations are no more than 200m away from your yurt, making it a short walk if you do need to refill your drinking water containers inside the yurt. Hopefully, this table will help other folks when making a decision as to where to rent their next yurt experience! We have a variety of Ontario cottages to meet your needs, whether you’re visiting Tobermory, Sauble Beach, Lion’s Head, Miller Lake, or Markdale. Add to Wishlist "The wood stove was warming the yurt for our arrival." All reservation holders will be contacted and provided with additional information before their arrival date. Ten (10) yurts along the shore of Cyprus Lake are a unique camping experience in Bruce Peninsula National Park.. Some rows will have specific shower details as they may not have a running shower, but do provide some shower style to you.If you’re staying at a provincially owned yurt, your comfort station will be dependent on the availability provided by your provincial park. Arrowhead has 10 camp cabins available for rent beginning in mid-December. Well insulated with Yak wool plus an insulated raised floor. These structures can sleep up to 6 people, are accessible by vehicle at the Mew Lake Campground and Achray Campground and are suitable for camping year round.. Yurt … We have made some modifications to how Roofed Accommodations will operate this season including priority for cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces. Indicates if the yurt is heated by a wood stove or by electrical means. They might not provide a sponge though, so be sure to bring one if you need it! Each yurt can sleep up to six people, with two sets of bunk beds inside each. If you want to know what is a Fruitarian diet and try this food for yourself, we invite you to spend with us only 2 days in the EcoFiest Yurts resort eating only fresh ripe fruits. E, Dawn rising.⁣ The much delayed 3 day road trip i, Remote work and travel - did we do it right ? As a vacation or camping accommodation, yurts are aimed to help campers reduce the amount of bulky gear you need to bring for your stay. As the camping/glamping landscape evolves, I know that this list will get shorter or longer. FRUCTOPIA FESTIVAL. Indicates if your furry friend is allowed inside the yurt. Specific shower details may vary from the data table, but I have done my best to ensure that it is as comprehensive as possible. As such, adventuring features like hiking trails, snowshoeing, canoeing, and horseback riding are not included. The yurt is a traditional tent used by nomadic peoples living in the steppes of Central Asia. Yurt Life is for the people who can do it all, but just don’t want to do it all this weekend. Indicates if this is located in a Provincial park or is hosted privately. If you’re going in the winter and you really want to avoid cooking outside, I highly recommend bringing your own portable cooking range. There are three yurts on the property each with its own magical personality. The yurt is all setup to cook meals both inside and out with all cookware, dishes and utensils provided (including a toaster, mini fridge, kettle, coffee press, & water cooler) . Indicates if there are electrically powered lighting sources. This checkbox indicates if the yurt provides dishes for your yurt exclusively. Before booking our getaway, I actually performed a quick search of ‘yurt Ontario’ to see what I could find, and the results, while helpful, did not give me the insight I needed. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. Ontario County NY Rental Listings. If no bedding is provided, it is recommended to bring your own sleeping bag that is suitable for the season. Similar to the other details tab, this section lists out additional indoor comforts that are highlighted by the hosts. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for going through and exploring the 30+ yurts available to rent in Ontario! Specifies the type of laundry facilities if available. We hope everyo, If this were a post card it would have a generic m, Ooops we took a mini hiatus here but excited to be, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, How to Sort the Google Sheet with View-Only Access, Everything you need to know about winter yurt camping, Everything You Need to Know for a Winter Yurt Camping Experience - SYDE Road, Long-Distance Driving Advice and Road Trip Safety (2/3) – Road Trip Car Accessories to Help Make Long-Distance Driving More Comfortable, Long-Distance Driving Advice and Road Trip Safety (1/3) – Essential Roadside Emergency Knowledge and Equipment, Top 3 Nature and Eco Stay around Bali, Indonesia. Unfo, So excited to finally see the sunrise at Grand Can, Can you believe it's already March? Happy filtering! Equipped with skylights, solar lighting, heaters and lanterns, yurts are eight-sided shelters created by stretching canvas over a wood frame, with windows, a wood floor and a lockable door opening onto a porch or patio. Pretty useful if road trip travel time is a factor. Most yurts come with mattresses, a desk, and some chairs. Yurts. If you’re staying at a privately owned yurt, your shower availability will vary. Most yurts with basic cookware will also provide a kettle to boil tea, as well as several basic cooking utensils like spatulas and mixing spoons. These yurts are usually mixed into the campground site for tents. If there are none, please do not build your own without permission from the host! If you’d like to know more about what it is like to stay in a yurt before choosing your own, feel free to read up on our personal experience of staying in a yurt for the first time in winter! Gaze up at the starry sky through the skylight dome as you drift off to sleep in a comfortable bed. This winter, enjoy the incredible Ontario countryside from a cozy warm yurt. As the camping/glamping landscape evolves, I know that this list will get shorter or longer. The resort offers direct access to private beaches, and you can explore the Old Village site of the Ucluelet first nation. Best Winter Yurts in Ontario 1) Algonquin – Mew Lake Mew Lake is a beautiful campground open year-round, and offers seven yurts, all of which are available throughout the winter months. Why You Need To Go: This cozy Mongolian yurt comes with frosty ski trails and a tubing hill, perfect for an adventurous winter getaway. To make things a little easier, the features are grouped into three main categories: Please note that while I tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible, I chose to focus on the yurt’s amenities that relate to comfort of stay. You'll find everything you need from luxury cabins to tent rentals. … Some privately hosted yurts are directly connected to a source of running water (!!!!) 33 results. In general, what you see from one provincial yurt offering will very rarely differ from another (excluding the trails and outdoor offerings). You can stay overnight in a yurt surrounded by alpacas in Ontario With nine alpacas and two yurts, a small hobby farm in Niagara is ready to welcome guests looking for a … In other words, when looking for a place to stay, yurts put you in the … The table contains 28 features/fields. If you’re one one of the yurt owners and we got your data wrong, send us a message and we’ll correct it right away! For more information, see our disclosures here. Best of all, your park permit allows you access to both parks' trail networks. Glamping in Ontario means you can book secluded yurts in Algonquin Park, Ontario state park cabins, tree houses, camping rentals and so much more. Nowadays, modern yurts also act as spaces for temporary housing, guest lodging, meditating, and/or vacationing. EXPLORE THE AREA. The outside area of the yurt is in a secluded spot and includes a covered seating area, chairs, a fire pit and … Sort by: Newest. This part of Vancouver Island is a lush, coastal rainforest. “A Yurt in the Forest” A Yurt in the Forest Barry's Bay. So look through everything that catches your eye and see what's for you. By default, all yurts are availble from May – September in Ontario. Some yurts are listed on both on Glamping Hub and Airbnb, so I’ve included both to cater for preferred site usage. To save you some searching time, I put together a sortable reference table listing out all the locations you can rent a yurt within Ontario and included 20+ feature columns that sorts and lists out deciding factors like: If only I made this table for myself during my search! Pacific Yurts sets the highest standard for quality, service and proven performance. $1,900+ 2 bds; 210 West Ave, Canandaigua, NY 14424. Some yurts provide interior toilets, mini fridges, etc. Why You Need To Go: This fairytale dwelling is nestled in a stunning river bed. If there’s any yurt … That’s it – now you’re ready to sort the table to find the right yurt for you! Private yurt listings in contrast have a diverse range of offerings, so you’ll likely want to take a look at the pictures to see which yurt will work best for you. Indicates if outdoor seating and tables are provided. Live life without corners in a circular yurt! Dehydration is really the worst! There is a lot to do when it comes to Ecofiest Resort and … In case you’re not sure what a yurt is, let’s start off with the basics. Campgrounds with cabins for rent, yurts in Ontario, and more! Watch grazing buffalo from a panoramic window and take in views of a frosty forest. Why You Need To Go: Located on one hundred acres of scenic land, you can relax while listening to winter winds and a crackling fireplace. No matter the season, hot tubs are the perfect way to end a busy day of exploring. From what I’ve seen, there are two types of yurts available – mass manufactured yurts, and hand-made Mongolian styles. Traditional & comfortable double bed (with thick foam mattress )and single cot with foam … Whether you're … These winter wonderland cottages near Toronto are other amazing destinations to stay, especially on a budget. Gather your fuzziest socks, cuddliest sweaters, and winter boots, and start planning your cold-weather getaway. The estimated driving time in hours provided by Google Maps when inputting the location of the listing. For the yurts that allow for indoor cooking, you’ll most likely but utilizing the wood stove top or a portable cooking range. Indicates if there is a designated location to build a fire pit. With toasty fires and winter activities, these spots make for a magical adventure. BUT you don’t need to do that! The ones that are marked as N/A do not explicitly specify if laundry is provided or not, but to be on the safe side, assume that laundry facilities are not available. $65 CAD/night Located in a 300-acre (121.4 hectare) private land, this rental allows guests to enjoy their privacy while exploring the wilderness of the Land O’ Lakes region of Eastern Ontario. Yurta comes in two sizes: 13’ diameter (133’ sq) and 17’ diameter (226’ sq). The largest selection of yurts are available through Ontario’s provincial parks. Phew! Even when the temperatures drop below zero, we still venture into the wilderness for camping getaways. Bring gear for hiking and comfortable cabin clothes. This was a lot of data! Narcity may receive a portion of sales if you purchase something from this article, which was created independently by Narcity's editorial team just for you. … With snowy trails to explore in the day and starry skies to gaze at during the evening, you won't want to leave these spots any time soon. The charm of a yurt … This sortable yurt, will help you rank the yurt that fits closest to your comfort, distance, budgetary, and seasonal needs! Register this device to receive push notifications. As the original designer and manufacturer of the modern yurt, we have built an unrivaled track record of success and innovation. Some locations with multiple yurts have a communal dish sharing centre. Did we miss a cool yurt listing? Learn more about the pricing of our yurts or get a quote on your custom Yurta. Check out the following parks for yurt and deluxe tent rental s—built on platforms with furniture and in some cases electricity: Algonquin (Achray or Mew Lake) Bon Echo, Bronte Creek, Charleston Lake, Killarney, MacGregor Point, Pancake Bay, Pinery, Silent Lake, Windy Lake (Murphy’s Point and … However, its always good to ask the host how many will be provided and/or the power available as some yurts provide electrical outlets via a solar generator. Some yurts offer electrical outlets inside to help charge your electronic devices. Learn how your comment data is processed. Why You Need To Go: Enjoy serenity in Canada's only 2-story yurt this winter season. Yurts in Algonquin Park. Yurts have become a popular alternative to tent camping, and can be found nestled in various wooded settings for a unique getaway. Silent Lake is another one of Ontario's Parks that's great to explore in the winter, with ten heated cabins and eight yurts that open in mid … The spacious interior boasts one queen-size bed and a plush sofa bed. Accommodations that can fit more than 3 people will most likely furnish the place with bunk beds or floor mattresses. A minor journey diverging from the mundane paths of three everyday lives. How amazing is that? For more floor space, multiple units can be interconnected. Regardless of the style, they will both offer a great experience! It generally comes with basic amenities to set you up for a more comfortable stay. © 2021 All Rights Reserved, Narcity Media Inc. Ontario provincial parks sure have upped their game when it comes to accommodations. As Canadians, we don't let snow get in the way of our favourite activities. C A N A D A ■ A minor journey diverging from the mundane paths of three everyday lives #syderoad If the yurt provides basic pots and pans for cooking, this column will be checked off. BYO sleeping bag and cooler. If there’s any yurt listing you know of that we might have missed, please don’t hesitate to send us an email. The Links at CenterPointe Townhomes | 2355 Brickyard Rd, Canandaigua, NY. TOP 10 ONTARIO YURTS. Ontario turns into a gorgeous snowy wonderland every winter, and these yurts will let you experience it to the fullest. It’s recommended visitors provide their own bedding, cookware and … Beyond the unique locations, I also discovered that not all yurts offered the same kind of amenities (like beds, washrooms, cookware), nor were they all available during the winter season! Although you're likely to be amazed at the sheer space and opulence that's offered by some yurts for rent, these glamping tents still tend to represent excellent value for money. What's included? Camping can be just as stunning in the winter when the ground and trees are frosted with glimmering snowflakes. A table and four chairs inside, a picnic table outside as well as a gas barbeque and firepit, winter camping is made easy and comfortable here. Indicates if any bedding, blankets, or linens are provided as part of your stay. COVID-19. Verified Source Payment (High to Low) Payment (Low to High) Newest Bedrooms Bathrooms Square Feet Lot Size. Ontario’s … Ontario Parks. Yurt. The 16’ and 20’ yurts at this resort provide direct a… Not all yurts are pet friendly, so this may be a limiting factor if you’d like to bring your animals with you on your camping trip. Select all of row 3 to ensure that Google Sheets knows which fields to filter by in the next step. As a general rule of thumb, all yurts offered year-round will have a heating mechanism provided to you. May not be a true picnic table, but could also be an outdoor dining table style. In fact, you'll often find they come in at just a fraction of the cost of an upscale villa or condominium, even with a steaming hot tub and fitted bathroom on site. Next journey: to be decided! Ontario turns into a gorgeous snowy wonderland every winter, and these yurts will let you experience it to the fullest. Depending on the type of comfort station available near the yurt, you may be provided with running water nearby your yurt. In Muskoka, choose a camp cabin at Arrowhead Provincial Park or a heated yurt at Algonquin Provincial Park. Ottawa vacation rentals are available here, too. No wor… Send us a message and we’ll add it in – the more options the merrier! Atelier Arboreal has 6 forest yurts (discretely situated in the forest for guest privacy), saunas, outdoor living rooms, outdoor showers, paths & boardwalks and zipline., on 100 acres near Wiarton , Ontario. Like most yurts you find in Ontario, each one sleeps six with two bunk beds inside. This authentic Mongolian Yurt is perfect for any artist, or seeker who appreciates a traditional hand crafted and inspiring meditative space. Changes may include things like: modified check-in and check-out times and changes to … Enjoy a relaxing getaway in our Ontario rental cottages with hot tubs! In general though, most yurts do not have running water, but do have access to well water or water provided by the host. Exceptional or standalone features that were interesting enough to be written out but didn’t warrant an additional dedicated ‘feature’ column to sort things by. You’re sure to be charmed. MacGregor Point has 12 comfortable yurts available year-round for reservations. COVID-19: We have made some modifications to how Roofed Accommodations will operate this season including priority for cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces. These yurts typically feature a propane BBQ and are furnished inside but will be a bit more bare than the private yurt rentals. Find Yurt in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! Also – thanks for being awesome and letting us stay in them! We have provided an indoor stovetop for the interior and a small Weber propane bbq for the outside. excludes rush-hour and holiday traffic). … Apartment for rent. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Canada. Again, depending on the type of comfort station provided, your toilet experience may vary from an outhouse, an insulated compost toilet, or a flushing toilet. If you’re also resourceful with your search keywords, you might also be able to find some private , standalone yurt listings as well. So for everyone else who might not be familiar with how to sort tables, here’s how you do it! If you are interested in a larger model, please contact us. so its definitely good to take a look to see what extra indoor comforts you might be looking for during your stay. Ready to order or just have questions? The wood stove top is ideal for warming up liquids, but not much else. Not all yurts allow for indoor cooking, and some will specifically ask you to cook using the outdoor propane BBQ or fire pit during your stay. For yurts using electrical heat, its best to bring extra clothing, as the heat is limited to the space heater’s capacity. A checkmark in this column indicates a running shower is available (may not have hot water). Indicates if the yurt provides dishes. Ontario's winter yurts are the perfect snowy destination to check out this season. The Links at CenterPointe Townhomes. Narcity may receive a portion of sales if you purchase something from this article, which was created independently by Narcity's editorial team just for you. Also, yurts that offer basic pots and pans will often provide a washing container and dish detergent to clean the dishes afterward. Personally, I was looking for a comfortable, close, and unique accommodation that was available in the winter where I could also live a couple of days unplugged. Types of bedding offered – if it is a bunk bed or are futon mattresses, bring your own sleeping bags and linens. For Rent < > ... Home > Canada > Ontario > Muskoka / Georgian Bay > Huntsville > DI-16238. Winter can seem long, and planning a weekend trip or two makes it so much more enjoyable. Yurts are eight-sided, tent-like structures are mounted on a wooden deck floor and offer electric heat. $/night rate given as of April 2019 for booking yurts in peak summer season (August 2019). The minimum number of nights you must stay in order to reserve the yurt. For yurt accommodations that do not provide electrical lighting, it may be possible to ask for battery operated lantern lighting instead. Ontario's winter yurts are the perfect snowy destination to check out this season. I did not put down the specific address since knowing the general location is good enough when you’re looking for a place to book. If you’d like to know more about what it is like to stay in a yurt before choosing your own, feel free to read up on our personal experience of staying in a yurt for the first time in winter! Why You Need To Go: Located on a horse farm, this off-grid yurt is surrounded by snowy trails and overlooks the waters of Georgian Bay. Call us 800.944.0240. That’s a whole lot of yurts! Its skylights allow you to stargaze. However, not all yurts have insulation available and may not be available for booking during the winter months. Staying in a yurt is really like staying “elsewhere”. On the Southwest Shore of Vancouver Island in British Columbia we start our tour with the WYA Point Resort. - 1/26 "Accommodations are truly amazing." In case the image link doesn’t work, you can also access the Google Sheet by clicking here. "Sound … BUT just in case, if there’s a ‘no’ indicator, bring your own water in just in case. Your home away from home, surrounded by nature. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram. Located in the rugged Land O’ Lakes region of Eastern Ontario, the Salmon River Wilderness Camp is a private, 300-acre wilderness, bordering on the pristine Salmon River as well as Cade Lake (a small lake, part of the Salmon River system). Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), The Essentials – Medicine to Carry When Traveling Abroad, K so we know it isn't winter anymore, but we're st, Super late posting but we wrote a new blog post! Indicates if an outdoor BBQ is available for outdoor cooking. Little Yurt on the hill is in a great location within mins to picton, excellent restaurants, wineries, breweries, antique shops, art galleries and of course Sandbanks Provincial park. Simple living, off grid. Both are available in 6’ and 7’ wall heights. Any separate listings mentioned outside of these sources were not included – unless specified by a reader . Its round shape is conducive to relaxation. A yurt has more room than a traditional tent. Prices may fluctuate, but the color coding scheme should help you determine the estimated price range of that yurt in comparison with the others offered in Ontario. The Google Sheet is set to View only – and I don’t know about you, but I needed a minute to figure out how I could sort the table without having edit access. Browse through our cottages with hot tubs to book your perfect getaway. "Enjoyed the complimentary snowshoes." Check-in/Check-out, Amenities, What to Bring, Restrictions. From what I have seen, all 2-person yurts will provide enough dishes, glasses, and cutlery for two people. Why You Need To Go: Escape to forests and rolling hills in this warm winter yurt, perfect for stargazing. Cozy up to the campfire and watch the sunset over the lake. This connector can also be used to connect your Yurta to a small outbuilding. Approx. Most yurt listings do not post laundry as a feature. Yurt interiors and exteriors. Escape from the bustle of everyday life to this hidden woodland yurt. The general area on the yurt’s listing name or on the listing itself. New posts will not be retrieved. Scroll down after the image to learn more about the table, and what features you can sort by. These locations likely do not offer blankets or additional linens for you to use. Some may not have any showers available at all. Ultimately after lot of tabbing back and forth, looking up locations on maps, and writing notes haphazardly on sticky notes, the Georgian Bay View Yurt hosted by the lovely Cady and Gavin best suited our needs. Yurta can be joined via a simple connector that we provide. A detailed list of features is available when you make a reservation or on the website of your destination.

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