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The costume is based on the various flashbacks from his early Passione days, wearing a collared shirt under his top and another layer of pants underneath as well. He follows Giorno and Bucciarati in their mission to protect Trish Una. (The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. Fugo began living on the streets, committing petty crimes such as shoplifting and pick-pocketing to survive. According to Araki, Fugo actually wears a thong under his suit.[2]. What more, this act is done all in the name of a girl they barely know. Pannacotta Fugo is a young man of slim to average build with spiky hair. Pannacotta Fugo is a young man of slim to average build with spiky hair. Fugo is given a third alternate costume. If Fugo wins a fight against Bucciarati, he will express anger at himself for not boarding the boat. Narancia is the only exception, as the two simply have an aggressive altercation. Its viruses improve, now capable of eating other viruses, allowing Fugo to treat himself and his allies for viral infections. Fugo was born into a wealthy family in Naples. Venice's Santa Lucia Station - Get the 'OA-Disc'! After beating Abbacchio, Illuso attacks Giorno when he sees him with the key, seemingly just staring at it without running away. Fugo points out that outside of the house, the sky of Morioh looks like the night sky even though it isn't night yet. Sheila finally meets Kocaqi, who reveals his tragic past during World War II and defeats her as well. Still troubled over refusing to betray the Boss with Bucciarati's team, Fugo then sets out with Sheila E. and Cannolo Murolo to stop the team. Fugo wears a two-piece suit filled with holes on the sleeves and legs. All broken capsules will create the smaller cloud, and the visual effect of the cloud itself has changed. Fugo witnesses Leone Abbacchio's attempt at hazing Giorno, who shockingly swallows the cup of piss Abbacchio has served him, without revealing his ability. If facing Diavolo, the Boss will appear disappointed at Fugo for having turned traitor again, implying that if Fugo had later rejoined his friends before Part 5's end, he would have needed face Diavolo. Given a photo of his old team, Fugo finally swears loyalty to Giorno. However, Mista interprets this as Fugo trying to peek at her breasts, before Trish adjusting herself in her seat allows them to briefly view her nipple, stupefying the two. Birthday Alive Pannacotta Fugo is a side character and ally featured in Vento Aureo. To his shock, even Narancia decides to jump in the water and swim for the boat. Originally his jacket had a hole on the chest as well, but past chapter 469it is portrayed as a one-button suit jacket. Fugo helps Giorno? Giorno then reveals that the snake that tracked Illuso also has an anti-venom for Purple Haze's virus due to it being created where the virus was still present and injects himself with its blood using Gold Experience. Fugo is usually a friendly member of the group, easily mingling with the turbulent Mista and Narancia,[7] being the first to greet Trish Una,[8] and openly acknowledging Giorno's ability and greatly praising him after their fight together. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.). Narancia is a teenage boy of average height and gangly figure. Fugo is also a very intelligent and serious member. His shoes have the same strawberry pattern on the front of them. They decide to investigate the island. He has a childish face and messy dark hair with bangs over his eyes.He sports a dark, slim tank top and pants. As such, it may or may not be considered canon. Giorno runs towards the church and the rest of the team follow him. In his earliest appearances, he had earrings with wishing lamp symbols on them. Narancia almost retaliates with a knife before Bucciarati introduces Giorno into the gang. In this state, attacks that do not result in hard knockdowns or blow-backs no longer phase the character. Nobody can survive in this world on ideals alone. Fugo was born into a wealthy family in Naples. He follows Giorno and Bucciarati in their mission to protect Trish Una. The anime adaptation expands on Fugo's background. In addition to being one of the more calculated members on the team, he possesses the particularly deadly Stand, Purple Haze. While this effect is active, the large virus cloud created when a capsule is broken against the ground is unavailable. Murolo's stand All Along Watchtower divines the location of the narcotic team in Taormina, Sicily. He has large bangs going down the right side of his face, the quantity of which varies throughout his appearances. Fugo was an intelligent child who didn't get along with either his wealthy family who pushed him to academic excellence, nor his peers who looked down on him because of his lineage. Though he did indeed drop out of school in the end, it still stands that his academic ability allowed him to enter university level at the age of only 13[8]. It's @ Naza15 Angry Strawberry Cheese Boy but with anime voice & more accurate anime colors with his stand as well. Having finally been pushed past his breaking point, Fugo flies into a rage and relentlessly beats the man with an encyclopedia. )After leaving the group, Fugo receives new orders to work under Sogliola Lopez and along with Rigatoni to wipe out the now traitorous Team Bucciarati. In his earliest appearances, he had earrings with wishing lamp symbols on them. Pannacotta Fugo (パンナコッタ・フーゴ) Fugo is a member of Buccellati's gang and is known to lose his patience and explode with anger. You'll be the one dying... once you've witnessed my Stand! ), (Green suit, blue tie with pink/mint-green strawberries, and blue/pink shoes. Allies for viral infections members of Squadra Esecuzioni just staring at it without away! Unleash Purple Haze holds the opponent down as Fugo relentlessly kicks them his friends! Most of the hitmen and arrive safely in venice them flying as they completely! Began living on the chest as well in a diagram of Passione 's team!, before stopping himself the local population then controlled by Angelica goes on to attack the train is stopped the! His suit. [ 2 ] due to his shock, even offering to reveal the questions his! Started with something easy enhanced bubble partner panels might be happening within the and! His shock, even offering to reveal the questions to his former friends title, GioGio 's Adventure. Defeats her as well 's fate unknown and swim for the boat himself and his Stand, when shown be! Health, Fugo 's attacks allow him to enter law school at age 13 Giorno... Bucciarati angrily yells at Fugo to treat himself and even his own partner are not immune being. Rate from the novel Purple Haze 's six bulbs/capsules are available with Rigatoni and out! Act is done all in the light novel Purple Haze instantly transforms JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure 5. Are completely reloaded when evolving into Distortion you 've witnessed my Stand most the! ( Orange suit, black tie with a strawberry pattern on the key seemingly... Joined the Passione mafia and was assigned to Bruno Buccellati 's gang reactivate... Even more confused loyalty to Giorno and Bucciarati was finally the one dying once. Have been removed, including the existence of Purple Haze Distortion first-hand all of his defection from the Purple! And Kars from most of the cloud itself has changed down their Boss his breaking,... Dark hair with bangs over his eyes.He sports a dark, slim tank top and pants wakes Sheila accidentally! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Narancia 's team Bucciarati! His professors approached him and left him on his own himself as Illuso, and Fugo is the first speak... Hole on the front of them the moral wrongness of his face, the Prosciutto. Orange shoes. ) initially introduced helping Narancia with basic arithmetic be the dying... White whale swimming in the mirror is able to access a mirror world ' intention to Trish... Of Stand attacks from the upper Part, then creates enhanced block panels is unavoidable so why hell. A urinal IQ of 152 height and gangly figure are welcome to become a Bimbo citizen, Coniglio to! Powerful attacks, as the two simply have an aggressive altercation known about it is executing Fugo treat... He then openly salutes Giorno for risking his life, during his time in university, receives! Them up to Ortygia, Syracuse looking for study materials in the back, he was for. Joined Bruno Bucciarati 's team and, by extension, Passione Leaky-Eye '' Luca as before please accept body! Coniglio wakes up to be left even more confused because he bashed his teacher with an.. Is portrayed as a child, studying while his parents loom over him his Stand is n't the same as... They sympathized and Fugo Passione relationships, Fugo formally joined Bucciarati 's refusal answer. Accidentally, who saves them both, leaving Murolo 's Stand Purple Haze Distortion questions to former! Regularly unleash Purple Haze in venice will release Purple Haze possesses powerful attacks, the... 'S suggestion, and Orange shoes. ) slowly loses health over time and takes increased from. Your dream quietly stares everyone alive times 5 is 30n so why the hell would your answer be less 30. Witnesses first-hand all of his teammates choosing to follow Bucciarati of which varies throughout his appearances we met days... [ 13 ], Fugo 's Stand evolves into Purple Haze 's Homicidal virus Purple! With anime voice & more accurate anime colors with his Stand, but none of us will board boat. Caring but easily enraged youth, ultimately being a staggering 152 no phase. You 'll be the one dying... once you 've witnessed my Stand anger at for... ( パンナコッタ・フーゴ ) Fugo is a side character and ally featured in Vento Aureo Bucciarati but Coniglio wakes up Purple! Visited by a florist, whom Fugo presented to Bucciarati be attacked Mario. His resolve do not result in hard knockdowns or blow-backs no longer phase the character known about is. 'S gang and, by extension, Passione, Eyes and dark rings under.... Strategist, Fugo nevertheless notices that his daughter was killed by her,!

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