detachment commander army

Ensures classified documents and equipment are accounted for, controlled, stored and safeguarded. Comm. What does it mean to be a Detachment Commander? Reviews and structures organization to optimize use of resources and maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Detachment Commander. Approves leave for subordinate supervisors and ensures adequate coverage in organization through peak workloads and traditional holiday vacation time. Maintains liaison with national, state and local governmental agencies such as law enforcement, disaster relief, airport management and others on matters of operational and environmental safety, protection of resources and other issues of possible unit impact. The detachment commander may also advise an indigenous battalion-size combat force. Establishes review systems for the organization that make certain government needs are met and validated, and that economy and quality of operations are maintained or improved. Exclusions are appropriate for work that primarily supports or facilitates the basic work of the unit. Incumbent in this position has frequent contacts with high ranking military managers at NGB Space and Information Superiority who are involved with and oversee the Air Control Squadrons program as a whole. The rear detachment operations pick up the daily workload of the deployed unit and provide home-station support for the unit. Detachment Commander US Army Mar 2015 - Present 5 years 11 months. Computer manufacture or repair is excluded (non-exempt work). Exercises appropriate management responsibility (primary duty) over a recognized organizational unit with a continuing function, AND, b. Customarily and regularly directs 2 or more employees, AND. Maintains currency in mission crewmember status in order to maintain Air Battle Management rating. Background: The mission of the Air Control Squadron is to provide Tactical Command and Control operations for Combatant Commanders. Taking the administrative burden off volunteers allows FRG leaders to concentrate on performing outreach to Soldiers and their Families in the comman… We are responsible for their welfare, training and progression, their enjoyment and fulfilment, very often maturing them and giving them self confidence, leadership, life skills and recognition from their peers and superiors. Rear Detachment Command *This regulation supersedes AE Regulation 600-8-108, 24 October 2006. Directs self-assessment activities of subordinate supervisors. Organizational Setting Level 2-2, 250 PointsThe position reports to the Wing Commander who reports to the Adjutant General (TAG) who meets the description of a general officer military rank.FACTOR 3. Contacts at this level involve active participation in conferences, meetings, or presentations involving problems or issues of consequence or importance to the maintenance program managed.FACTOR 5. (20%)4. The size and composition of the team can change according to the type of mission. The commander directs subordinate units through the Company Commander and the staff through the Executive Officer. Lt. Col. Steve Conrad enlisted in the Army on August 6, 1990, serving as an infantryman and x-ray technologist. Coordinates with NGB, Major Commands, and other operating agencies to determine if existing operational capabilities are compatible with Air Force Joint Operational and National Agency requirements. Approves expenses comparable to within-grade increases, extensive overtime, and employee travel. Explains classification determinations to subordinate employees. • There are three active-duty Army astronauts. A detachment (from the French détachement ) is a military unit. As there is no specific occupational series that completely fits this line of work, the position is allocated to the GS-2101, which covers, “…other transportation work not specifically included in other series of this group.”3. The RDC is responsible for the administrative operations Plans work for accomplishment by subordinate units, sets and adjusts short-term priorities, and prepares schedules based on consideration of difficulty of requirements and assignments such that the experience, training, and abilities of the staff are effectively utilized to meet organization and customer needs. The Battlefield Coordination Detachment supports the Commander, Army Forces. It’s a role that sometimes still scares me with the responsibility, more so than ever in today health and safety based, litigious, world we now live in. Supports the agency’s EEO program through allocation of personnel to participate in community outreach and recruitment programs, ensures full cooperation of employees with EEO office officials. He … [Reference: FRSA Implementation Plan, 2 August 07] The Mission of the FRSA is to maintain the continuity and stability of Family Readiness Groups as units undergo changes in volunteers and leadership. Reviews work and management techniques of subordinate supervisors and is held accountable for actions taken and advice provided by staff of subordinate units. Supervisory and Managerial Authority Exercised Level 3-3b, 775 PointsLevel 3-3b is met by the incumbent of this position. The functions of the supervised organizations provide support to the Air Control Squadron and the military aircraft controlled by the squadron. Air Control Squadrons have a unique set of governing Air Force Instructions (AFIs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that are specific to the Control and Reporting Center (CRC) weapons system. OPM allows assignment of Level 6-5c, if the workload could be redistributed among subordinate units so that a substantial workload of the GS-11 level could be assigned to each subordinate supervisor which is possible in this position.Special Situations: “None”Total Points: 3705Point Range: 3605-4050 = GS-14Conclusion: Detachment Commander, GS-2101-14.

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