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You can search for Picture Information. Superman’s DNA created a very unique serum in the Amalgam Comics crossover universe, which made Captain America a real Super Soldier! That's how the hero Super-Soldier became what he is today. Super Soldiers was a comic book published by the Marvel UK imprint of Marvel Comics in 1993. In the Amalgam Comic Lobo the Duck #1, an alternate future is shown where Super-Soldier, among many other heroes, is dead. The eponymous Super-Soldier has the blonde hair and general costume of Captain America but is named Clark Kent. The allies of the superhero called the Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman). Featured in THE AMALGAM AGE OF COMICS: THE DC COMICS COLLECTION are the adventures of these momentary collaborations such as Super Soldier (Captain America and Superman), Amazon (Wonder Woman/Storm) and JLX (Justice League and the X-Men). As the Amalgam Universe is separated in Marvel versus DC #4, Super-Soldier's current status is unknown. Rep… They administer the formula, as well as solar radiation, to a young man named Steve Kent, a volunteer for the Super-Soldier program. $1.95 After discovery a crashed space ship and deriving a serum from the dead corpse, the U.S. Army develops a serum they hope will turn the tide of battle in World War II. By March 1942, Super-Soldier "had the war all but won nearly single-handedly until the rise of Ultra-Metallo", in the words of Jimmy Olsen. By Drew Bradley | Nov 2, 2020 | Reviews. Amalgam Comics was a unique 1996/97 publishing project by DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Furthermore, the characters themselves had merged (“amalgamed” ) with their closest … Vital statistics. In order to save two universes, the young hero known as Access was forced to use the power of Amalgam (see Marvel versus DC (1996) #3). In Super-Soldier #1, he discovers that Lex Luthor is still alive and well, having injected himself with Green K, a part of the meteorite that landed next to the space rocket so many years before, to greatly lengthen his lifespan, though it turns his skin a hideous shade of green. Holy merged comics, nuff’ said! This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Super Soldier was written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. In SUPER-SOLDIER #1, Jimmy Olsen, the Editor of a large legitimate newspaper is almost beaten to death by a mutated Lex Luthor. Trivia. Notes. It published a series of comics where the two universes had merged. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Shop with confidence. Add your article. The Amalgam Comics featured totally new heroes that were a combination of heroes from both the D.C. and Marvel universes. Reporter Jimmy Olsen, who sneaks into the Super-Soldier progra… No trivia. The mixture of the formula and the radiation gave Kent incredible powers and abilities, including super-strength, heat vision, and flight. Reporter Jimmy Olsen, who sneaks into the Super-Soldier program laboratory, makes a deal with the government: he will not tell the world about the project if the government makes him the "official press flak" for the Super-Soldier. Published by Amalgam Comics, a joint publication of DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Age. Instead of reporting to the world that Super-Soldier was dead, Jimmy Olsen instead reports that Super-Soldier had retired, after declaring the war won by America. What “Wizard” thought then This was the only returning Amalgam character that also retained its writer and artist from the previous year. Real name. A collaborative venture by the publishers DC Comics and Marvel, the concept was to create new characters by mixing the characters and characteristics of the separate publishing houses. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Stays the same with small differences. Amalgam Comics Super Soldier #1 1996 (7.0) FN/VF Dave Gibbons. Rock and his Howling Commandos, Jimmy Olsen, and Agent Peggy, fight Major Zemo, a member of HYDRA, a Nazi organization, who is secretly working for Lex Luthor, the behind-the-scenes leader of HYDRA and friend of Adolf Hitler himself. Top, R-L: The Super-Soldier and his alter ego Clark Rogers: Middle Row, L-R: Emil Erskine: Amalgamation Of: Abraham Erskine + Emil Hamilton Biography: Professor Emil Erskine was a scientist working for Nazi-controlled Germany in the 1930s-40s, but faked his death and defected to America when he learned of … A space rocket landed in 1938. Move over photo to zoom. Remembering Amalgam: “Super Soldier: Man of War” #1 . During World War II, government scientists were working on a "super-soldier formula" to transform a man into a fighting machine experiment with cellular samples from an alien corpse. See more ideas about comics, comic character, marvel comics. Super-Soldier gains a sidekick for a short time named American Girl and becomes a member of the All-Star Winners Squadron. They administer the formula, as well as solar radiation, to a young man named Clark Kent, a volunteer for the super-soldier program. The character first appeared in the cross-over series Marvel versus DC #3. An amalgamation of DC's Ace Morgan and Marvel's Invisible Woman. I bought this in its single comic books, but I chosen this TPB edition to make a better overall review. DARK CLAW vs SUPER-SOLDIER: The Amalgam Comics’ Version of BATMAN vs SUPERMAN Fan Cast. Amalgam Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. One of the best stories from the first wave of Marvel-DC pairings returns for a sequel in our continuing journey through Amalgam Comics.The Mash UpAs before, Superman meets Captain America. Amalgam Comics was the name of the imprint in which Marvel and DC Comics merged their characters, teams and their universes together. In the regular Amalgam reality we still have Spider-Boy, alive and well. After taking down Lex Luthor, he fought against the monstrous alien known as Doomnaut. He landed in Smallville, Kansas and was found by Jonathan and Martha Rogers, who raised him and installed in him good moral principles and teaching him to use his powers, which consist of super strength, super speed, super hearing, arctic … (Amalgam Comics) Super Soldier #1 Value. Image not available. Thus Super-Soldier was a mixture of Superman and Captain America. The serum had itself been injected with DNA from a crashed alien craft that landed in 1938. Amalgam X-Patrol Spider-Boy Dark Claw JLX Super Soldier DC Marvel Crossover [Z6] $1.25 2 bids + $7.15 shipping . 35. Super Soldier File:SuperSoldier.png. The nineties were WEIRD when it came to comics so let me answer the common question. No one knew where it came from and nothing in it survived. At the end of Super-Soldier #1, Super-Soldier reveals that he is becoming weaker due to the fallout of the K-Bombs that were inside Ultra-Metallo. Opens image gallery. • Ace (Susan Storm). Fictional characters who can move at superhuman speeds, Fictional characters with superhuman strength, Fictional characters with accelerated healing, The Unofficial Guide to the Amalgam Universe, Who's Who: Handbook of the Amalgam Universe, Super-Soldier (Clark Kent) is is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Captain America and DC Comics' Superman. Basically.... During World War II, government scientists were working on a "Super-Soldier formula" to transform a man into a fighting machine experiment with cellular samples from an alien corpse. X. U.S. Army. Fifty years after Super-Soldier's battle against Ultra-Metallo, the JLA discover the frozen body of Super-Soldier in JLA #4. In the book The Men Who Stare at Goats (2004), Welsh journalist Jon Ronson documented how the U.S. military repeatedly tried and failed to train soldiers in the use of parascientific combat techniques during the Cold War, experimenting with New Age tactics and psychic phenomena such as remote viewing, astral projections, "death touch" and mind reading against various Soviet targets. Superman and Captain America have frequently been compared to each other. See Also. An attempt by Project Cadmus to create a clone of Super-Soldier with the ability to control gravity is sabotaged, and a young clone of researcher Peter Parker (who was killed during the "accidental" lab explosion) emerges from the wreckage. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Super Soldier comic books issue 1. They administer the formula, as well as solar radiation, to a young man named Clark Kent. $2.60 0 bids + shipping . any Comic Vine content. Super Soldier (Amalgam) Super Soldier. They injected the formula into a 4-F volunteer, known to the general public as Clark Kent, and exposed him to massive jolt of solar radiation. The young boy immediately runs up a wall in confusion. Super-Soldier starred in two Amalgam titles, Super-Soldier #1 (April 1996) and Super-Soldier: … Next we have Nuke the Bizarro Super Soldier from Bizarro World. Super-Soldier finally exposes Lex Luthor, and Luthor was incarcerated. In his reality Spider-Boy was killed, in fact all the Wonders were, Spider-Boy, Super Soldier, Dark Claw, and Amazon, etc. After thawing the great hero out, he joins the team and begins working at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent. The issues were presented as if the "company" had existed for decades, with stories and editorial comments referring to a fictional history stretching back to the Golden Age of Comic Books, including retcons and reboots; for example, they referred to Secret Crisi… Jimmy returns, badly beaten, informing Super-Soldier that HYDRA is in Washington, D.C. Super-Soldier heads there, where he discovers that Lex Luthor and HYDRA have revived Ultra-Metallo, who is now powered by Green K itself, which weakens Super-Soldier. Super-Soldier sacrifices himself to take down Ultra-Metallo, the two of them sinking beneath the icy waters, with Jimmy Olsen as one of the few witnesses. Character » Opens image gallery. Comic Vine users. ... View market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans! In Super-Soldier: Man of War #1, Super-Soldier, aided by Sgt. This item: Super Soldier, Edition# 1 by Amalgam Comic $7.99 Legend of the Dark Claw (Amalgam, No.1) by Larry Hama Comic $13.95 Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto, Vol 1 #1 by AMALGAM COMICS Comic $3.49 Customers who viewed this item also viewed Super-Soldier appears in 29 issues. send you an email once approved. Clark Rogers/Kal-El/Super-Soldier - (Superman/Captain America Amalgamation) - As a baby, Kal-El was sent to Earth before his Planet, Krypton, blew up. Picture Information. The head of the project, Thunderbolt Ross, feeling sorry for the clone, and feeling responsible for the boy's welfare, legally adopts him (giving the bo… These characters first appeared in a series of twelve comic books which were published in 1996, between the third and fourth issues of the … Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. Amalgam Comics was a publishing imprint shared by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, in which the two comic book publishers merged their characters into new ones (e.g., DC Comics' Batman and Marvel Comics' Wolverine became the Amalgam character Dark Claw). On two separate occasions – April 1996 and June 1997 – DC and Marvel co-published a total of 24 one-shot "first issues" (12 in April 1996 (six by DC and six by Marvel) and 12 in June 1997 (again, six by DC and six by Marvel)) under the Amalgam Comics imprint. Oct 11, 2014 - Explore Clayton Milam's board "Amalgam Comics", followed by 126 people on Pinterest. "What IS Amalgam Comics?" See more ideas about comics, comics universe, marvel vs dc. $4.00 + $4.00 shipping . Have one to sell? Super-Soldier, discovering that lead protects him from the harmful Green K, used an enormous lead pipe to take down Ultra-Metallo before it can detonate a "K-Bomb" at the White House. When Superman Dies, Captain America Gets His Powers In Comic Crossover. Softcover, 160 … Image not available. Clark Rogers. given what they knew of the alien cells, the scientists had some clue as to how this might affect the test subject -Clark Kent- but no one expected him to be granted powers and abilities so beyond those of mortal men. While Steve Rogers might not possess the Man of Steel’s great powers, there’s no denying that … Still the U.S. Army took cellular samples from the corpse within and experimented with them and by the time World War Two began they added their experimental 'Super-Soldier' formula, hoping to create a champion of liberty. Steven Kent. Super-Soldier. A scrawny 4-F volunteer, Kent was injected with the U.S. government's experimental Super-Soldier serum. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Initially, the combination of the Super-Soldier formula and exposure to solar energy gives a Super-Soldier a wide array of powers including super-strength, flight, invulnerability, and heat and x-ray vision. Dark Claw returned in another title in the 1997 Amalgam comics, titled Dark Claw Adventures. Naturally, that’s because “Super Soldier” was so close to perfect that no one wanted to mess with it. The mixture of the formula and the radiation gave Kent incredible powers and abilities, including super strength, heat vision, and flight. Jul 26, 2016 - Explore Hashim AbdusSamad's board "Amalgam Comics - Universe", followed by 678 people on Pinterest. The supersoldier or super soldier is a concept soldier often fictional, capable of operating beyond normal human limits or abilities. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Wizard”’s Market Watch identified it as of the better Amalgam performers, but sales-wise it was 8th out of the 12. During World War II, government scientists developed a "Super-Soldier formula" based on experiments with cellular samples from an alien corpse. Alias. Images from Super-Soldier: Man of War Vol 1 1; Recommended Reading Links and References Supersoldiers The Brothers. Ultra-Metallo is a massive robot later revealed to be sent by Lex Luthor. The mixture of the formula and the radiation give Kent incredible powers and abilities, including super-strength, heat vision, and flight. He took the vacant spot left by Spider-Boy's death. Super Soldier 1, Amalgam Comics 1996. Clark Kent is romantically interested in Lois Lane and dismayed when she marries Green Skull, a cold-hearted billionaire. Super-Soldier is from the Amalgam universe and is an amalgam of Superman and Captain America. Sell now - Have one to sell? Super-Soldier DC vs. Marvel #3 (1996). Super Soldier (Clark Kent) Synopsis for "Super-Soldier: Man of War" Synopsis not yet written. Lex Luthor, with HYDRA at his side, first kidnapps an aged Jimmy Olsen to give Super-Soldier a message.

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